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What Does Hydro Jetting Mean?

Does Hydro Jetting Work on Roots?

Over time, the sewage pipes of a home or business will have debris, grease, and mineral deposits built up inside, and possibly tree roots growing into and through them. This can clog a sewage line so that wastewater can’t flow through as intended. Hydro jetting is a high-pressure flow of water that scours the pipe’s interior. It removes the debris, grease, mineral deposits, and scale without harming the pipes.

Yes! hydro jetting for roots is a magnificent way to get those tree roots out of the sewer lines too! It is a safe method for the pipes and the trees. The plumbing technician that provides the hydro jetting service can advise you on future tree planting so that this doesn’t become a problem in the future. They can also access your current tree to plumbing situation and make suggestions to keep those tree roots from disturbing your sewage and water lines.

Is Hydro Jetting safe for pipes?

As we’ve mentioned already, for residential properties, hydro jetting removes sand, silt, other debris, materials, or objects like grease and hair clogs that have built up inside the sewage pipes. When you have slow-moving pipes that the normal household type procedure for unclogging doesn’t work, hydro jetting is an excellent choice and recommended by most professional plumbers.

This is also a good procedure for commercial properties like restaurants. Daily, there is food and grease poured into their sinks. Over time, they build up and create a blockage that hydro jetting can clear in a matter of minutes.

Some hydro jetting pros and cons you can expect are:

  • Safe: Hydro jetting does not damage pipes when done by a trained professional. You can rent equipment to do your own hydro jetting, but not knowing the pressure limits, you can cause damage.
  • Chemical Free: Hydro jetting is using only water, making it the most eco-friendly way for cleaning sewer pipes. Using chemicals can damage the environment, make your yard unsafe for children and pets.
  • Clog Remover: Hydro jetting is a high-pressure process using water that breaks up any clog that is causing stubborn blockages. Clogs are caused by daily deposits of food, grease, and hair, as well as dirt, sand, and tree roots that build up over time naturally.
  • Long-Lasting: Using the hydro jetting method will minimize future blockage and clog problems. By scheduling a routine sewer line cleaning, you will eliminate any future problem of clogs and you’ll also extend the life of your pipes.
  • No Trenching: Hydro jetting saves your lawn from the old fashion way of trenching. The work is all done underground.

The Cons of Hydro Jetting:

While hydro jetting is safe and great to clean clogged pipes, there is one disadvantage: Water Pressure: If too high of pressure is used during hydro jetting, it can damage the pipes. This is common when the pipes are old and fragile, and the number one reason why it is best left to the professional.

Is Hydro Jetting worth it?

Hydro jetting breaks up and flushes out deposits that are blocking your sewer line. Since hydro jetting has high-power water pressure, it can clear the toughest blockages.

How effective is hydro jetting?

Definitely! Hydro jetting does so much more than clearing out blockages and clogs. You’ll have health benefits too from hydro jetting your sewer lines – that is probably not anything you would have thought about, right?

Clogged sewer lines allow bacteria to build up and that bacteria grows and spreads the wet environment of sewer lines, becoming a breeding ground for more bacteria. Hydro jetting removes those clogs and the bacteria they create, leaving pipes not only clear but that sewer smell in your yard is gone.

How often should you clean your main sewer line?

Plumbing professionals recommend having your sewer lines cleaned every eighteen to twenty-two months for preventive measures. If your home is older with trees around, consider a hydro jetting cleaning once a year. A professional plumber can do a video inspection of your sewer lines and advise you if there is something more that would cause hydro jetting not working.

Hydro jetting is a relatively unfamiliar process for the plumbing industry, bringing it a long way from the day of the plumber using a backhoe to trench your lawn until they found the problem. With video inspections and hydro jetting, the plumber can find the problem, clear the line, even repair the line, all underground. Your lawn will have minimal damage left behind and you’ll have clear sewage lines from now on.

Making this a routine task can become a part of your home-ownership maintenance, and this could eliminate surprised clogged lines and give your plumbing a longer lifespan. Dial (310) 363-8955 today for hydro jetting services in San Pedro, CA.