Local, Reliable Plumber in San Pedro, CA

Juan Fernandez, Drain Force Owner

Full-Service Plumbing

If you’ve been searching for a local, reliable plumber that serves San Pedro, CA and surrounding cities, look no further than DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING. We are a fully licensed and insured owner-operated plumber that provides an extensive range of plumbing services for a large base of residential and commercial clients. Do you need a drain unclogged? Want an experienced team to repair a leak in your sewer line? Need to repair or install a tankless water heater? These are just a sample of the services we offer. No job is too large or small for our team. You can even reach us after hours, as well as on holidays and weekends, if you need an emergency repair. Whatever service you need us for, rest assured our team is dedicated to providing exceptional work on your plumbing system. Learn more about our services or schedule an appointment by calling (310) 901-2120.

Exceptional Work

Extensive Service Area

We offer an extensive range of services, all provided by a dedicated, highly skilled team. Our goal, no matter whether we’re repairing your water heater, or using a camera to inspect your sewer lines for damage, is to provide our customers with exceptional service. When you call us out, we’ll assess the situation, and make sure to provide you with plenty of options. You can decide on the repairs that fit your needs. All of our services are budget friendly. Though based in San Pedro, CA, our skilled team covers an extensive service area. Anytime you need a local, reliable plumber, whether you’re in San Pedro, CA or surrounding cities like Carson, CA, Wilmington, CA, Long Beach, CA, among others, we’ll be there for you. Give us a call today at (310) 901-2120 to schedule services with us.

Van-Mounted Hydro-Jetting System Cleaning a Pipe.


Clearing Blockages Effectively

One of our specialties is hydro-jetting. With our van-mounted systems, we clear major clogs and blockages using high-pressure jets of water fired at about 4,000 psi. Hydro-jetting is one of the most effective methods available to clean pipes of major obstructions like tree roots. Call (310) 901-2120 if you need your plumbing lines in San Pedro, CA cleared using hydro-jetting.

A Sewer Camera Close-up.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Finding Sewer Line Issues

Sewer camera inspections take the guesswork out of finding problems in your sewer lines or other plumbing lines. By sending a camera attached to flexible rods through the system, we can spot leaks, blockages or other problems. These inspections also allow us to avoid major excavation to find pipes. These inspections are also useful to learn about the condition of plumbing lines when buying a home. For reliable sewer camera inspection by a licensed plumber in San Pedro, CA, give us a call at (310) 901-2120.