Trenchless Pipe Repairs

A Sample of Repaired Pipe.

Trenchless Plumbing Experts

When you have a water line leak, the pipes are either going to be inside the building or underground. If the leak or other damage is underground, one of the best solutions is trenchless water line repair. This cost-saving method prevents us from having to dig long trenches through yards, pavement, and streets to get to your pipes. DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING offers a complete range of trenchless pipe repair services in San Pedro, CA, and surrounding cities. If you have a leak or damage to your water line, schedule an appointment with us by calling  (310) 901-2120.

Our Repair Services

If you have an underground pipe leaking or otherwise damaged, one of the best options is trenchless pipe repair. Not only do you avoid having your property, and possibly nearby city property dug up, you’ll avoid the costs of restorative repairs to the property. Trenchless plumbing repairs usually cost about half as much as traditional trenching. With trenchless pipe repair, just a few small access points are needed. These types of repairs are especially advantageous for slab leaks. No tunnels have to be dug under the foundation or holes dug into the slab to make the repair.

One of two types of repairs is involved with this method, pipe lining or pipe bursting. Pipe lining involves sending a resin-coated flexible tube down the damaged line. The tube is expanded and the resin allowed to harden. The process creates a pipe within a pipe. While the pipe is narrower, it still allows water to pass through your system with no problem. Only one access point is required for this process. Pipe bursting involves dragging a new pipe through the old pipe, which causes the old pipe to break apart, and allows the new pipe to replace it. Two access points are required for pipe bursting.

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If you have a water line leak, rely on the experts at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING for trenchless pipe repair in San Pedro, CA and surrounding cities. All of our services are budget-friendly. Call us today at (310) 901-2120 to schedule an appointment.