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A Sewer Line Repair in Progress.

Professional Sewer Services

Your sewer line is one of the most important components of your plumbing system. Its main function, of course, is channeling waste from your home, so when a malfunction occurs, creates more than a nuisance or inconvenience like a clog, it can create a health hazard and cause costly damages. That’s why if you have leaks or blockages, sewer repair is an urgent matter. Sewer services are a DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING specialty. Combining exceptional service with the latest plumbing technology, our skilled plumbers provide fast, reliable sewer repair services in San Pedro, CA and surrounding cities. Whether you need lines cleaned or repaired, you can schedule services with us by calling (310) 901-2120.

Our Service Offerings

When it comes to sewer lines, we offer an extensive range of services, ranging from cleaning and clearing clogs and blockages to repairing and replacing lines that are leaking or otherwise damaged. Any problems with sewer lines need to be addressed immediately, especially if you have a sewage back-up in your home. If you need emergency plumbing repairs, you can reach us for after-hours calls at (310) 901-2120.

The sewer repair services that we provide in San Pedro, CA and surrounding cities include:

Sewer Line Cleaning 

It’s essential to keep your sewer lines clear of clogs and blockages, particularly to avoid back-ups. Clogs can be caused by everything from hair and soap scum in the shower to food scraps caught in the kitchen sink. Your line can also get blocked by roots or other debris. Some clogs are easy to clear, requiring basic tools like a plunger or plumber’s auger. Others will require a little more force to clear. One of the best methods for clearing clogs or blockages is hydro-jetting, in which powerful jets of water are sent down the line to scour it clear of any obstructions. 

With any drain services, we provide a free camera inspection to determine where clogs and blockages are in the line and to find out if there are any leaks or other damages. Once we’ve performed the inspection, we give you all the available options so you can choose the best service that’s right for your home or office.

Sewer Line Repair

If you’re noticing issues like fluctuating water levels in your toilets or experiencing regular clogs, you may have a problem in your sewer line. A sewer line problem may be indicated outside by unusually green patches in your yard or you may discover damp patches that may smell like sewage. Call our team at (310) 901-2120 if you suspect you may have a sewer line problem.

From leaks to blockages to damage by tree roots, sewer lines can require repair or replacement for any number of reasons. As sewer repair specialists, we have the skills and tools to make fast, reliable repairs to your sewer lines. From inspecting the system with a video camera to discover issues like leaks to replacing pipes, our repair services are extensive. 

Trenchless Plumbing

One of the latest techniques we use to repair sewer lines is trenchless plumbing. Instead, digging massive trenches to get to lines, with trenchless sewer repair, we send down cameras to detect leaks or find damage, and then use materials like spray-in epoxy to repair and line the pipe. Trenchless plumbing is minimally invasive, requiring few access points to make the repair. This type of plumbing repair is especially useful for repairing pipes that are leaking underneath a building’s foundation. This is another method for repairing slab leaks that minimizes damage to the slab and is less disruptive to business operation or household life.

Plumbers Complete a Sewage Line Installation.

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If you have any problems with your sewer line and need sewer repair in San Pedro, CA or surrounding cities, count on the skilled professionals at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING. We have the right people and tools to get the job done fast and effectively. Schedule services with us by calling (310) 901-2120.