Tunneling For Plumbing Repairs

A Crew Makes Repairs By Tunneling Under Foundation.

Unique Plumbing Solutions

One of the most difficult areas to get to when you have plumbing issues is underneath the building’s foundation. Usually, to get to a leak or other problem under the foundation requires the plumbing contractor to break through the slab to get to the pipes below. To avoid damaging your foundation, DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING provides a unique solution by tunneling for plumbing repairs in San Pedro, CA. If you have a slab leak or other plumbing issue under your foundation, then give us a call at (310) 901-2120 to schedule repair services.

Tunneling Services

One of the chief reasons for foundation problems is plumbing leaks from water and sewer lines underneath the building. Water collects under the foundation and can cause the building to shift or settle, creating more problems over time. Once the leak is detected, repairs can be made. 

Tunneling for plumbing repairs is a less disruptive and destructive process to get to pipes under your foundation. When you have a slab leak or other issue, plumbers often have to drill through and damage slab to get to the pipes underneath. Besides the damage to the foundation, a huge mess gets left behind, and for commercial properties, business is often disrupted. For homeowners, tunneling keeps you from having to move furniture or even vacate the home while the work is being done. If you have a slab leak, and tunneling sounds like the right solution for you, give us a call at (310) 901-2120.

With tunneling, no damage is done to the slab. The tunnel is dug outside of the building and requires no drilling into the slab. Although the process of digging the tunnel may be complex, the end results are an easy solution to a major plumbing problem. When tunneling for plumbing repairs, a team of professionals, like those at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING, get under the foundation through the tunnel and make all repairs while inside the tunnel.  

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Want to avoid costly drilling into the slab to repair a plumbing leak under the foundation? Tunneling for plumbing repairs in San Pedro, CA is the right solution for you. Schedule an appointment with us at (310) 901-2120.