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Reliable Clog Cleaning

If you’re having problems getting your toilet to flush properly, or it appears it might overflow after it’s flushed, this usually means you have a clogged toilet. While it can be unpleasant, getting your toilet unclogged is a necessity, in particular if an overflow of waste is involved. When you need a fast, effective clogged toilet cleaning service in San Pedro, CA, rely on the professionals at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING. Never hesitate to call us if you have a clogged toilet, especially if a sewer back-up is involved. To schedule an appointment, call (310) 901-2120. We are also available after hours for emergency calls.

Cleaning Clogged Toilets

As an experienced plumbing contractor, we’ve seen some odd items like children’s toys that have clogged toilets. But most often, what clogs toilets are items that shouldn’t go down the toilet drain in the first place. Generally, the toilet should be reserved for human waste and toilet paper, although too much toilet paper can clog the system as well. Usually, items like wet wipes, paper towels, and feminine hygiene products often cause clogs. To clear out difficult clogs, you’ll want the help of professionals experienced in clogged toilet cleaning. We can be reached at (310) 901-2120 at any time to clear clogs of any sort.

It’s rare that excess waste will clog a toilet. Most often, if waste is clogging a toilet, there is usually a blockage in the sewer line causing a backup. This blockage will need to be cleared using hydro-jetting technology, another service we provide. 

Clogged toilets can also result from hard water. Mineral deposits from hard water collect in the toilet’s drainpipe, solidify and cause clogs in the system. Water softeners can help with hard water. You may also have trouble with older models of low-flow toilets clogging. If your low-flow toilet clogs frequently, you may want to get it replaced.

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If your toilet is backed-up and you need clogged toilet cleaning in San Pedro, CA, count on the reliable professionals at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (310) 901-2120.