Clogged Sink Drain Repair

A Kitchen Sink Clogged With Food Scraps.

Clog Cleaning Experts

While showers and bathtubs are some of the most common plumbing fixtures that get clogged, sinks aren’t far behind, especially kitchen sinks. As with other clogs, clogs in the kitchen sink are more than a nuisance. They can damage the pipes, and often the decaying food material can make the kitchen and whole house smell. Have a clogged sink in San Pedro, CA? Whether you have a small clog or a large one, if you want it cleared quickly and effectively, call the clog cleaning experts at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING. Schedule us by calling (310) 901-2120.

Signs of Clogs

Besides water standing in the sink or taking its time to drain, kitchen sink clogs usually give themselves away by smell. Food material gets caught in the pipe, and over time, as it decays will begin to smell. Kitchen sink clogs are most commonly caused by grease, coffee grounds, and food scraps. Grease and coffee grounds, especially, need to be disposed of in the trash. Malfunctioning garbage disposals can also cause kitchen sinks to clog. Take care of what you put down the garbage disposal. Some materials, like ground-up eggshells, have a hard time flushing down the system. For bathroom sinks, hair is one of the main causes of clogs.

With any clogged sink, if you try to clear the clog yourself, use a plunger instead of liquid drain cleaner. While effective, these cleaners can in some instances actually make clogs worse, and repeated use can damage pipes. You may only loosen the clog and send it deeper into the system. Other solutions like baking soda and vinegar rinsed through the pipe with hot water may be effective, especially for smaller clogs. But, if you have a major clog or want to ensure the clog is cleared effectively, call our clogged drain experts at (310) 901-2120. We are also available after hours for any emergency situations.

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