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What is trenchless sewer line repair?

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What does trenchless mean?

Here in California, the residents are concerned about keeping the natural beauty of the state intact, and their well groomed landscaping. So when a homeowner had plumbing or sewer line work to be done, it was a concern about how much would be tore up in order to fix the problem. Now, the plumbing industry has trenchless plumbing, and The Golden State couldn’t be happier! 

Advanced trenchless plumbing is a great procedure that is used all around the country. While there are still some circumstances that require the old school method with a backhoe, trenchless plumbing is saving landscaping yard after yard. 

Trenchless is the process of boring a vertical hole in the ground and create a horizontal path underground to another vertical hole in the ground instead of digging a trench. It is a tunneling process that can be made twenty feet wide for one tunnel. While trenchless sewer installation is our focus today, this method is used for installing electrical lines, minding minerals, creating subways, and building or rebuilding other important infrastructure. 

What is trenchless plumbing?      

Installing new pluming and sewer lines is a lot of work, messy work. From broken fittings and tree roots , getting your plumbing restored is essential. Today, it isn’t the big mess it used to be thanks to trenchless plumbing. 

The trenchless sewer main replacement will connect to your home and keep your landscaping intact, along with the driveway, sidewalks, and street. A trenchless plumbing or  sewer line is a replacement for the existing plumbing and sewer line using one of the following methods: 

  • Pipe Bursting: The plumbing contractor uses a machine that will break the old pipe while inserting the new pipe right behind it through There are two access holes, one for the sewer line going into the house and another access hole where it joins into the sewer main. The new pipe is the same size as the old pipe in diameter, so the flow isn’t affected. 
  • Pipe Lining: A flexible resin coated pipe is pulled through the old existing pipe. Once the new pipe is in position, the resin will harden and create a new pipe inside the old pipe. The diameter is slightly reduced by approximately one-fourth of an inch, which doesn’t have much affect on the home’s plumbing system. 

Does pipe relining work? and Does trenchless sewer repair work?

Absolutely, unfortunately, trenchless plumbing isn’t always possible. There are some cases, depending on how the home is positioned and where the plumbing or sewer lines are located, old school backhoe digging is required instead of the trenchless sewer epoxy lining or pipe bursting methods. 

Here are some additional reasons that trenchless plumbing and sewer relining solutions favored by more homeowners and plumbing contractors: 

  • Saves Money: With trenchless plumbing and sewer method, the plumbing contractor doesn’t have to dig up your landscaping and yard or bust up the driveway or sidewalk.  This will save you money not having to re-do your landscaping, driveway, or sidewalk. It also requires less manpower and less equipment which can help lower your costs. 
  • Saves Time: When plumbers have to go underground, it is time consuming and the more times the plumber takes, the more it will cost you with their hourly rates.  Additionally, the trenchless plumbing and sewer technology doesn’t take as long to complete as the old school way of doing plumbing and sewer line repairs. 
  • Less Intrusive: The traditional way to repair plumbing and sewer lines required a backhoe digging deep and long trenches in your yard. After the repair or replacement was completed, the backhoe would re-fill the hole. With trenchless plumbing and sewer method, there are two small vertical holes, and the work is done all underground through a tunnel. 
  • Extended Pipe Life: Sewer pipe relining is done with a durable, heavy-duty material. The trenchless plumbing and sewer process creates a pipe within a pipe, extending the lifespan of the new corrosion-resistant pipe for up to fifty years! 
  • Environmentally Friendly: Digging up the ground disturbs the environment several ways. It also allows susceptibility  for possible contaminants being released. With the trenchless plumbing and trenchless sewer main replacement  method, the pipes are repaired with chemicals, and the epoxy material is environmentally friendly. Once the trenchless plumbing and sewer lines are complete, there isn’t any waste form discarded concrete or piping. 
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How much does it cost to fix a broken sewer pipe?

Who isn’t concerned with the cost of anything these days, right? Plumbing and sewer issues are important to get addressed and repaired because they are used every day.  Homeowners pay an average of $2500 for sewer line repair with the low end around $1100 and the high end around $4100.  The amount and type of damage can affect the price as well as the location and placement of the house and the pipes. Call (310) 901-2120 today for your trenchless pipe repair in San Pedro, CA.