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How do you fix a water line?

water line repair

Water line damage and repair

Water is a natural source and one that many think we are running out of, other people are of the opinion, as long as there is rain, we can’t run out of water totally. Granted, in some areas of the country, like the desert, rain is scarce that can leave you feeling like you’re going to run out of water.  Regardless, a water line repair isn’t something to ignore, right? 

When there is a water line break, repairing it is important, whether you’re in the city, the country, or the desert. Not only do we not need to waste any water, but the leak can be causing a lot of other damage too. Even if the water line repair is needed underground, it is wasting water and it can still be causing more damage. Some people will wonder, will a slow water leak seal itself?

The answer to that question, no, a slow water leak will not do its own water line repair! A water leak can be an overwhelming problem, yet we hesitate to call a plumber for a slight drip. Yet, while we don’t want to call the plumber and that price, we need to realize that even the smallest of water drips can become bigger problems cost more money in the end. Water line repair isn’t magically going to happen. It will require human intervention and the sooner the better. 

Like a repair water line to toilet. If there is water leaking from the toilet, it can be the waterline coming into the toilet that is leaking or the water is leaking from the tank. Either way, it is wasting water and costing you money! It is essential for a water line repair to the toilet be done as soon as it is noticed. 

How do you find a leak in an underground water line?

The problems you can encounter and expect when a water line leak is neglected is endless and could be ongoing for a long time. In addition to the tips we’re going to provide for finding an underground water leak, we also want to remind you that a professional plumbing contractor is a good source for finding water leaks, above or under the ground. They are also experienced at doing any water line repair you need! 

To check for unseen water leaks yourself, check the water meter. You want to turn off all the water in and outside your home. Then go to the meter and see if the meter is moving. If the meter indicator is spinning, then there is a water leak somewhere on your side. 

This could be a leak inside the house, which we will cover in another article. If you suspect you have an underground water leak repair needed, here are things to look for around your home: 

  • An unusually wet are in the yard, like standing water even when it hasn’t rained.
  • An area in your yard of lush thick grass or vegetation that grows faster than the rest of the grass.
  • Sink holes around your yard.
  • Water pressure has noticeably decreased.
  • Water supply has air, dust, or rust, coming out. This could also be from the water heater. If your water heater is 10 years old or older, have it checked by a plumber as well. 
  • An increase in your water bill when there hasn’t been an increase in water usage.

How do you fix underground water pipes?

Well, if the leak is close to the surface, you could do your own water line repair. Unfortunately, most underground water leaks are deeper than a homeowner can do and requires the services of a professional plumber. 

In history, the only way a professional plumber could do underground water li ne repair was to dig up your yard. Today, professional plumbers can do water line repair or replace without having to dig trenches. 

This newer water line repair technique requires only two holes. One hole is for a camera that is connected to a screen so the plumber can watch what’s going underground. The other hole is to insert an acrylic or resin pipe in one hole, maneuver it where it is needed on the cracked or damaged pipe, and is located.

How do you know if your main water line is leaking?

Your water main is the connection of your home’s plumbing system to the public water supply. Regrettably, the water pipes behind the walls and in the foundation don’t have a unlimited lifespan. Here we have a list of 8 symptoms of a main water line leak in your household.

  • Puddles in front of your house in thestreet
  • Sinkholes ad water standing in the backyard or front yard
  • Wet floors and walls
  • Discolored and stained dry walls
  • Water pressure drops
  • Foundation is chipping and cracked
  • Water running sounds when no faucet is on
  • Unpleasant odor like mildew or mold
water line repair

Does homeowner’s insurance cover main water line replacement?

No, most likely not, but every policy is different, and it is worth your time to review your policy or check with your agent.  What your homeowner’s insurance may cover is any damage caused by a busted water line. Again, check your policy or ask your agent for clarification. 

Water damage can be expensive when left unaddressed. Often, a water line repair can be done by replacing water pipe repair fittings, which anyone with basic handyman skills can do without having to call a professional plumber.  Regardless, if you can’t do your own water line repairs, the cost of a plumber is much cheaper than what you’re going to be faced with leaving the water leak leaking. Call (310) 901-2120 today for water line repair in San Pedro, CA.