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Why You Should Get a Sewer Camera Inspection?

A Technician Sends a Camera Down a Line.

Signs of Sewer Line Problems

If you’ve been experiencing problems with clogs lately, you may have a larger problem on your hands. While clogs in our sinks or showers are common, and can usually be dealt with easily, frequent clogs, especially in drains that aren’t used regularly, are usually a sign you have a bigger problem in your sewer or main water lines. You also may have noticed unusually green patches of grass in your yard, or even found damp spots in the yard that give off a foul odor.

Any of these problems usually indicate you have serious problem in your sewer line. You may have a blockage of some kind, or something like tree roots have damaged the line. The damage may be causing leaks in the system. When you have any kind of issues requiring repairs in your sewer line, you’ll need to get the repairs taken care of quickly. Not only will the damages slow down the passage of waste away from your home, it risks major damage to your home through back-ups. Back-ups are more than a costly mess, they can risk your health as well.

The problem is that most of your sewer lines are underground, so even when you call a professional out, it takes quite a bit of searching and even guesswork to figure out where a leak or blockage may be. One of the most effective tools available to find these problems quickly and effectively is a sewer camera.

Benefits of a Sewer Camera Inspection 

When plumbing professionals use cameras to inspect your sewer lines or other plumbing lines for damages, it helps take the guesswork out of the process. With a sewer camera inspection, a plumbing professional just needs to find an access point to send the camera down the line. The camera is attached to flexible rods, and the video it gathers is displayed in real time on a video monitor. The plumbing professional uses this information to diagnose the problems and can store the information as reference for later, when repairs are made.

Sewer camera inspections benefit you in many ways including:

  • Locating leaks and obstructions: While changes in water pressure or increases in your water bill may indicate a leak is present, finding the leak can be difficult without the help of a camera. Leaks need to be repaired quickly to avoid long-term, costly damage Obstructions may be deep within your system and hard to find as well. Serious obstructions may require methods like hydro-jetting to clear them.  
  • Eliminating guesswork and unnecessary digging: Instead of digging trenches or holes to find a leak or obstruction, the sewer camera just needs an access point to get into the line and discover the problem.
  • Determining condition of pipes: Cameras are effective tools for recording the condition of your pipes. An inspection of this sort is especially useful when you’re buying a home. You’ll want to know if there are problems like corrosion or potential problems with the plumbing in the home you’re buying.
  • Serving as reference for repairs: While plumbers use the information gathered as reference for repairs, you can also use the videos as a personal reference about the condition of the pipes. This can be useful for insurance purposes or when buying or selling a home.
Clogged Sewer Pipes

Other Uses

Sewer camera inspections aren’t exclusively used just for sewer lines or repair services. As mentioned, real estate agents and their clients may include a camera inspection to check on the condition of pipes in a home that is up for sale.

Because most of your plumbing is underground or behind walls or in other hard to reach areas, cameras can be run through any kind of plumbing pipe to check their condition or to find leaks or other problems like blockages that may affect your system. 

Cameras are particularly effective with any drain work. That’s why with any drain service, DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING provides free camera inspections. This makes it easier for our experienced professionals to determine what kind of repair may be needed. No matter what service you choose our team for, once we’ve determined what the problem is, we will consult with you and provide you with as many options as possible so you can determine the best course of action to take.

Our goal at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING is always to provide exceptional service. That’s why we employ the latest methods from trenchless plumbing to sewer camera inspections. We want to ensure our repairs are made quickly and effectively.

If you are experiencing any problems with your sewer lines or water lines, a sewer camera inspection may be the right course of action for you. When you’re looking for reliable professionals for sewer camera inspection in San Pedro, CA, count on the experts at DRAIN FORCE PLUMBING. All of our services are budget friendly. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (310) 901-2120.